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Physician Outreach

As leaders in the field of orthopedic medicine, Orthopedics New England physicians educate the community about orthopedic injuries. Bookmark this page to read and watch videos about orthopedic news and articles from Orthopedics New England’s team of orthopedic experts.

Suffering from knee pain and searching for a solution, Debby consulted with Dr. Christiano of Orthopedics New England, becoming an Orthovisc patient. Hear her amazing story in the video below.

In this short video, “5 Minutes with a Physician”, Dr. Daniel Osuch talks about detection and treatment of shoulder tendinitis and bursitis.

In this short video, “5 Minutes with a Physician”, Dr. Arthur Christiano talks about rotator cuff injuries and treatment.

In this video, “5 Minutes with a Physician”, Dr. Ethan Healy explains ACL Injuries.

In this short video, “5 Minutes with a Physician”, Dr. Sean Rockett explains Meniscal Tears.

In this “5 Minutes with a Physician” video, Dr. Agam Shah talks about knee arthritis symptoms in women and men, how they differ, and types of treatment to bring down the inflammation.

In the“5 Minutes with a Physician” video below, Dr. Mark Rose discusses heal pain symptoms and treatment options such as orthotics and how orthotics differ from over the counter arch support.