Stem Cell Therapy & Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy

stem-cell-therapy-PPR-TherapyAs we get older, some injuries have a harder time healing from the wear and tear from sports, work, and life. Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy is a cutting-edge regenerative medicine treatment that offers our patients an effective option for orthopedic and sports injuries of the shoulder, elbow, hand, spine, knee, and foot to accelerate the healing of tendon injuries and help with osteoarthritic pain. Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy uses your own body’s repair mechanisms and growth factors to facilitate healing. A placental tissue derivative, such as Biovance or Mimedx, is injected into your joint or affected area and “recruits” your stem cells to the intended area. Your stem cells are not injected into the site and the injection does not contain any cells of any type – it is all acellular material (therefore, no risk of rejection). This takes approximately two minutes to complete in our office.

With Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy (PRP), a small amount of blood is drawn from the patient similar to getting a lab test drawn. Your blood is then spun down in a special tube and growth factors in the fluid are injected into the area.

Our physicians at Orthopedics New England offer this treatment to patients who have failed other treatment options including rest, medications, other injections and physical therapy. Experience has suggested that most patients will have significant pain relief 1-2 months after the injection.

At Orthopedics New England, our surgeons cooperatively work together using highly developed techniques and procedures to ensure the best possible course of treatment and outcome for our patients. If you are experiencing pain consult with our physicians and find out of you are a candidate for Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy/ Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. Orthopedics New England’s specialists provide the highest level of care and treatment methods to restore your function and return you to health.

The following Orthopedics New England physicians specialize in Stem Cell Therapy/ Platelet-rich Plasma:

Sean E. Rockett, M.D.
Arthur F. Christiano, M.D.
Ethan M. Healy, M.D.
Daniel B. Osuch, M.D.
Jason C. Saillant, M.D.
Michael L. Sganga, D.P.M.