If a foot condition is slowing you down, Orthopedics New England provides the best, individualized treatment plan to get you back on your feet.

The human foot is a strong and complex mechanical structure consisting of dozens of bones and joints, and more than a hundred muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The foot can be subdivided into the hindfoot, midfoot, and forefoot. All of the intricate components of our feet cooperatively work together to bear our weight and allow for locomotion. From the weekend jogger to the elite athlete, people of all ages and lifestyles are prone to injuring their feet. Even common conditions such as bunions, warts, and ingrown toenails can significantly make everyday routines difficult.

Our highly skilled foot specialists at Orthopedics New England are dedicated to providing you with expert diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitative care for all foot injuries and conditions. In fact, they have expert knowledge and experience in performing podiatric surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Whether you need fracture repair, surgical tendon repair, hammertoe surgery, or minimally invasive bunion surgery, they both use the latest surgical techniques that will restore your function. More conservative treatment options include computerized gait analysis, custom orthotics, diabetic foot care, general pediatric and geriatric foot care, and fungal nail care.

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