Workers’ Compensation

The physicians and staff of Orthopedics New England are committed to providing workers’ compensation patients with the highest level of care and consideration. Through our workers’ compensation program, we strive to restore our injured patients’ function and mobility, allowing them to return to work in a timely manner.

For patients, we provide an individualized treatment plan focused on treating your injuries or conditions and safely returning you to health. Our orthopedic physicians provide highly specialized care in virtually all areas of the body. Please note that our workers’ compensation team first considers utilizing nonsurgical, conservative treatment methods, and will only recommend surgery if it is absolutely necessary for an effective recovery. Additionally, please provide our billing department with the necessary paperwork from your employer and workers’ compensation insurance carrier; this ensures we have your correct information and will help us to better manage your orthopedic care.

For employers, case managers, claims adjusters, and insurance companies, we ensure an efficient and trouble-free process in scheduling appointments, submitting status reports and paperwork, answering questions, and providing assistance wherever needed. We look forward to becoming a part of your health care team.

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To schedule an appointment*** with our workers’ compensation team, please call one of our direct workers’ compensation coordinators, Denise at: (508) 720-3621 or Monalisa at: (508) 720-3650. You may also fax us at: (508) 720-4176.

***We do not accept all workers’ compensation insurance. Please check with our office to see if we accept your workers’ compensation insurance.


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