Motor Vehicle Accidents

At Orthopedics New England, we offer a motor vehicle accident program that benefits the injured individual. The program is focused on reducing medical costs and time lost from work and activity, while providing the highest level of care for you. Orthopedics New England communicates closely with employers, lawyers, and insurance companies in order to provide the complete care you deserve.

Whether you require immediate treatment or a second opinion, our specialists at Orthopedics New England offer an array of general and sub-specialty orthopedic services to help restore your maximum function and return you to your everyday activities.

In the case of a motor vehicle accident, we do ask that you provide our billing department with all motor vehicle insurance information as well as health insurance in advance of your scheduled appointment. This ensures we have your correct information and that the motor vehicle insurance company or your health insurance will cover your medical expenses, which were incurred as a result of the accident. At Orthopedics New England, we understand your time is valuable and appreciate the extra time that you to take to complete the necessary paperwork and provide us with the correct information before your office visit. This helps us to better manage your orthopedic care.

For more information regarding motor vehicle accident, or insurance coverage, please call Orthopedics New England at (508) 655-0471 and our staff will assist in answering your questions and accommodating your needs.

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