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As leaders in the field of orthopedic medicine, Orthopedics New England physicians educate the community about orthopedic injuries. Bookmark this page to read and watch videos about orthopedic news and articles from Orthopedics New England’s team of orthopedic experts.

Suffering from knee pain and searching for a solution, Debby consulted with Dr. Christiano of Orthopedics New England, becoming an Orthovisc patient. Hear her amazing story in the video below.

Your feet and ankles are complex, weight-bearing body parts that are susceptible to pain and injury. Foot  and ankle apin can trike at any age – regardless of whether you run marathons or walk around your neighborhood. Michael L. Sganga, DPM, is a skilled podiatrist with extensive training in foot and ankle surgery. From bunions and broken bones to torn Achilles tendons and ingrown toenails, Dr. Sganga treats a variety of conditions. Learn about the latest in podiatric medicine, as well as surgical and non-surgical treatments that will help keep you active and on your feet!